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Tax Investigation Insurance

This policy is becoming very well known, the traditional route for obtaining this protection was through an accountant. The accountant would have a single policy and invite their clients to have the protection of their plan included in their service offering.

Consumers being able to get this protection depending on the Accountant having a scheme and also marketing it to its clients.

Currently, there are only 20% of accountant practices holding tax investigation insurance schemes within their practice and only a small number of clients within the 20% holding any cover. So this makes the promoting of our tax investigation product much easier, as there are millions of UK tax returns not protected from an HMRC enquiry.

What does the policy cover?

The plan will cover the clients accountants time to resolve HMRC's interest in their enquiry, with cover up to £100,000 and Nil Excess... Full details of the cover can been seen in the Useful documents section of this page

Commercial Legal polices do have some elements of Tax Investigation Insurance cover, but are limited by protection and services in the following way:
  • No Tax & VAT advice line service
  • Cannot use your own accountant
  • Will only cover Full Enquires  and some Aspect Enquiries
  • Will not cover HMRC Compliance & Intervention Activity 
  • Will have an Excess
  • Will not have Employment Law or Health & Safety Advice line service

We have 8 different policy types to capture every possible status, you are able to run quotes, print a quote and issue full policy documents from our Broker Portal.

All our Tax Policies pay 30% commission on new business and renewal
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