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Possible Scheme Options for Fee Protection Insurance

There are many reasons why having a fee protection scheme in your practice makes perfect sense. As a business one of the most important things to you is probably your bottom line. A Fee Protection Scheme not only helps to protect your bottom line, if marketed correctly can actually help grow it.

Solar Taxwise can assist you to implement a scheme into your practice in many different ways.

In every option the opportunity exists to make money and ensure that should an enquiry, dispute or visit arise with HMRC into one of your clients affairs, you will be paid the right amount to defend a tax position robustly. You will not find yourself in a potentially embarrassing situation chasing fees from a cleint who doesn't want to pay for work they haven't requested. You and they know that you can get on with the work to satisfy HMRC's interest. As a consequence you client retention may also improve.

We are regularly now seeing clients joining a practice and asking if they have a Fee Protection Scheme they can join. You may be missing out on business if you have no scheme in place.

An All Client Scheme makes available the most advantageous premiums, all of your cleints are covered, marketing and administration is reduced to a minimum.

A Client Decide scheme allows you to market a scheme individually to your clients. Full electronic marketing support is available to ensure that your take up rate reaches its full potential.

If you are an Accountant you can find out more here.

If you are a Bookkeeper you can find out more here.

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