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Protect yourself against the cost of an HMRC enquiry.

The problem

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is giving individuals and businesses a harder time by:

  • Carrying out more tax enquiries and compliance checks.
  • Selecting taxpayers for investigation at random or for no good reason.
  • Using wider powers to visit homes and businesses.
  • Charging extra tax, interest and penalties.
  • Allowing less time to pay any tax due.

Anyone who pays tax can suffer an enquiry or compliance check by HMRC, If this happens to you:

  • You will have to prove that HMRC's suspicions are unfounded.
  • HMRC's detailed and intrusive questions will take time to answer.
  • A lot of work will have to be done to respond to the questions asked.
  • The enquiries can drag on for months and sometimes years.
  • Professional fees of hundreds or thousands of pounds may become due as a result.

The solution

We provide a service to clients under which, in the event of an HMRC enquiry or inspection:

  • You will receive the best possible defence.
  • You will not be charged for most professional costs.
  • You will not have to concede to HMRC's demands because of financial pressures.

‚ÄčBy subscribing to the service, you will have the comfort of knowing that we can fully defend you at no extra cost if you fall under HMRC's spotlight. Please note that any clients not taking advantage of the service will be charged for any additional costs arising.
How do I find out how much this is and how do I subscribe to the Service?

Simply follow the link above to get a quote, then if your happy and would like to proceed, just submit and await for confirmation from us that you are enrolled.

Useful Information

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What if my Return is not submitted on time?

The Service will not cover any fees or costs:

Relating to any claim arising from an enquiry into a tax return that was not submitted within 90 days following expiry of the statutory time limits.

Who are the Providers & Insurers of this scheme?

Provider is : Vantage Tax Fee Protection Limited   (FCA firm registration number 625811)

Insurer is :  HCC International Insurance Co PLC  (FCA firm registration number 202655)

Others Benefits of the Service

As an additional benefit, complimentary expert telephone advice can be obtained on:

  • Employment Law
  • Health & Safety Matters
  • General Legal Issues

The advice can be very valuable, particularly to many business clients and is available to all subscribers to the service who need it.